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This site!

First I was going to create it in Angular, but then I learned React and wanted it to it in that. But then I figured out how Elm worked and created the actual first version in that - on you cansee the first version uses elm.js, but I found it to be too opinionated. Not to mention I found the information/javascript ratio to be too low.

Eventually, after reading up on JS, HTML and CSS, I decided to just write everything in pure web tech. And why not? I don't need a several kilobytes of javascript, just to show some articles!?

And thus this site was born! I'm as of still busy writing and re-writing the site because I'm still building up experience, and I still have a small TODO list and I'll have to finish, but it's fine.

If you want to see what this site used to look like, check out

Semantic­ Override­ Network­ (SON)

A news aggregator that will pierce the heavens!

For real though: I'm still busy forming ideas around this project

Every damn time I think "I got this", I usually lose it within a day or two, even after writing things down.


It's the first type of project I've ever created! Now available in an HTML Canvas element.

The first one I ever made was in cmd.exe, with some janky-ass c moving * and . characters as different sized stars from the right to the left.

Over the years I created different versions (a 2D and even a 3D OpenGL variant!)

Now that I know some HTML/CSS/JS, I decided to recreate this project for the web with plain HTML/CSS/JS! No crazy libraries needed!

Mocking Spongebob Text Generator (MSTG)

WhY dO wE nEeD aNoThEr MoCkInG sPoNgEbOb TeXt GeNeRaToR???


I could go to, but why?


Turns regular text into a URL-friendly "slug"



Decode this

Triple click the text to select it all




Timing fetch

Test how long it takes for a URL to load

.then(response => response.json())
.then(data => {
console.log(`${}ms\t${JSON.stringify(data).length} bytes`);

Example URLs:

It took: ?ms

The data is ? bytes long

Text to Emoji

Created because of this thread on Reddit