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Cryptocurrencies, Exchanges and Technical Analysis

History and context

I know about crypto since 2010-ish, back when Bitcoin was the only coin in town. I always wanted to buy some, but never had money left to spend, due to either no income (because student) or because my job wasn't paying enough and I had to pay off my student loans (which weren't that big back then - not compared to what I have now, lmao).


Since a few months (basically around the start of 2021 - the second year of the Corona pandemic) I've been informing myself about cryptos other than Bitcoin, which one are interesting, which ones are prone to grow well, and I think I've found a handful that have interested me.


I don't just want to buy crypto, I plan to buy and sell them to make money. In other terms: Trading.

To trade you'll need an exchange: a place where you exchange one coin for another. I'm careful not to say currency, because currencies are recognized by governments as legal tender, which not all, if not none, of crypto is. In concrete terms: calling it currency is disingenuous, because in my country (the Netherlands) none of them are.

The ones I chose for now are Bitvavo and Binance.

Bitvavo, because it's Dutch and lately, partially because of China's political power, but that's a whole nother can of worms I'm not willing to open here, I've been on a streak to support Dutch companies over any other. This may sound a bit too Nationalistic, but that's because I usually simply don't even know where a company is from, which is something I think we (the Netherlands and Europe) can't affor in the long run.

Binance, due to name recognition on Reddit. I spend quite some time on it, even though I'm hypercritical of it, and have found Binance to be named quite often. Binance is based in Malta, a European island, though its origins were Chinese. I'm aware the creator is also of Chinese origin (Changpeng Zhao, commonly known as CZ on twitter), but I don't value people on their origin - I base their value on what they did, and he got the fuck out and made one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world.

I use both of these - Bitvavo if it has the coin, with Binance as the alternative.