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Configuring JMeter for Neo4j

Watch these videos to get a feel for JMeter if you don't know it yet (set speed to 2x and use the arrow keys to skip boring things). YES I KNOW IT'S FOR HTTP ONLY! It's just so you get familiar fast with the UI 🙂

  1. Create a Thread group
  2. Create a JDBC Connection Configuration via Add > Config Element
  3. Create a JDBC Request via Add > Sampler
  4. Create a View Result Tree (This easily shows the response data in a tab) via Add > Listener

You should have something like this:

Set the JDBC CC:

And the JDBC Request: (I can't tell you what toexactly put in the "SQL Query" part, because I don't know your data structures)

Now get the JDBC Driver for Neo4j (get neo4j-jdbc-driver-3.1.0.jar or something alike):

Add the file to theLibrary in yourTestPlan:

And when you press the Green Play button – Results! Well, sort of… Looks like JMeter has some trouble with setting up multiple connections (hence the red shield with a cross).

This shit should NOT have been this hard to find… (I had to find this info out all by myself. Took me 3 frustrating hours to do so. Call me Jesus, because I suffered for you) 😒